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Our Approach

When you work with MFP, you’re working with a practice that’s positioned to serve you into the next generation and beyond.

Len Montanari’s years of experience and relationship-building along with his sharply honed industry knowledge creates the solid base on which our practice is built.

These strengths are complemented by Craig’s use of a specialized review process that allows us to evolve in step with the ever-changing face of financial services.

This pairing of history and innovation creates a unique continuity that ensures you and future generations will receive the same attention, sound advice and legacy-building guidance. Our practice is not one-size-fits all. Rather than attempting to be all things to all people, we concentrate on being a key resource to a select group. This focus on distinct areas of financial strategy for hand-picked clients enables us to offer the most tailored solutions to help fit your needs.

By analyzing your entire financial situation—from debt to cash flow— we’re able to help you zero in on the wealth building and protection strategies that will help maximize your hard work and investments. As our client, you are an active participant in this vital process.